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Beijing Homestay offers students, scholars, athletes, and visitors from all over the globe a wonderful opportunity to stay with Chinese host families who would like to practice speaking English and help their guests a great deal.

They also love to teach you Mandarin and cook delicious Chinese food for you. Chinese families are opening their homes and their world to you to learn about.

Your host will also want show you their lovely city, and their ancient ruins. They like to share and tell you stories about their history and culture. On the other hand they also want to learn about your culture, language, and country.

Homestay is with a Chinese family is the perfect way to experience the Chinese culture. It is a mutually beneficial way to enjoy a great time and make friends in one of the most ancient and advancing civilizations unlike anywhere else in the world.

Our Chinese Homestays were carefully selected by our affiliate in China with many considerations in mind; for example, accessibility, safety, and host family friendliness, and true wish to share the home and lives with you.

Depending on your English skills and your preferences, i.e. if you can to teach English while staying with a Chinese host family, you may be entitled to a complimentary or reduced homestay rate. You can learn more about such opportunity when you click here


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